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For three years now, we have been running Bauman's Best Botanicals; a tiny Boston-based company that produces small batch and handmade shrubs from all-natural ingredients. But our drinking vinegars are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our passion for health and wellness, natural medicines and sustainability. Bauman's Best began with the dream of sharing good gut health by way of tasty shrubs; after achieving that mission for the last three years, now we want to grow our shrubs into a real rain forest!! We have decided to put all of our focus toward extending this international facet of our business. The profits from Bauman's Best Botanicals, as well as the funds of this campaign, will go to preserving as many trees as we can in this lifetime. 


After our first year as a company, we became debt-free and the business was able to sustain itself, proving to us that anything is possible if you just set your heart and mind to it. After two more years of working to fund this project on our own through Bauman's Best, it's difficult to admit but we realize that we need help. We're confident that with the support of our friends, family and global community, we can make this long-term mission grow to magnificent heights!

At least 95% of the forest plot purchased will be placed in reservation and kept as a natural habitat in perpetuity. We hope to achieve this goal by April of 2020. As a Thank You from Bauman's Best, the official recipe for our 'Nectarine&Spice' flavor will be released to the public upon reaching our campaign goal of $160,000. 


If you've met us at a market or food event, you've probably heard us talk about our dog, our love of nature and the trees or the Costa Rican rain forest more specifically...This mission of ours has been growing in our hearts like kapok seeds since we met in 2015. No matter what challenges we face, or how long it takes - we are committed to this cause and doing what we consider 'our part', to help Mother Earth. We've already been blown away by all the beautifully-minded and full-hearted people we've met since getting our vinegars out into the world. Now we are super excited to meet even more because of this project!! 

Please help us to spread the word and get this shrub mission growing! Or click here to donate now.


**All of the funds from this campaign will go to the purchase of a large plot of rain forest on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, the construction of an eco-friendy home and a small space for the further education of land conservation, green living practices and a variety of natural medicine modalities.** 

Thank you for your continued support, your love and your good energy. With deep appreciation - Adam & Ash


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