About us

[Pictured above: Adam & Ash Bauman]
Bauman's Best Botanicals is a two-person business, based in York County, Maine. You could say we are "what you see is what you get," type of people.

All of our products are handmade in small batches with many locally sourced, all-natural and organic ingredients. 
"As a bartender for over a decade, the industry brought me into contact with many unique ingredients, giving me the opportunity to try bold flavor combinations and creative concoctions. My first experience with shrubs happened in the summer of 2011. Enamored with the balance of flavor that infused vinegars could bring to a dish or a beverage, I began experimenting on my own. It's been many years since and I still find great joy in creating recipes, and ever-refining the old ones. As an alchemist at heart and a bartender by trade, it was only a matter of time before Baumans Best was created. 
I now bring my experience to you in the form of our products and truly hope you enjoy experimenting with them - just as I have loved making them. Thank you for your time and your support." 
- Adam J Bauman C.S.S.