Only a physician can diagnose, treat, and prescribe for illness or disease. 

Baumans Best Botanicals supports and advises that our customers seek professional medical counsel regarding any illness or disease they are suffering from.

It is the responsibility of our customers to discuss with their physician, the potential interactions of herbal products with medications before use, should they be concerned. 

Baumans Best Botanicals do not guarantee a specific outcome or result, as individual results may vary. Everyone's body and process in healing, is different.

Baumans Best Botanicals are not liable for any possible adverse reactions and side effects of the herbal products you choose to use. The customer must accept ownership and responsibility for their own health; including negative consequences and positive outcomes. We can only pledge to offer you products made with the highest quality of ingredients, healthy practices and great attention to detail. It is up to your body to do the rest! 


Thank You.