Four Thieves Bitters

Four Thieves Bitters

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Don't be shy! Take a chance on this scandalous-sounding bitters that is crafted to help get your systems clear and keep them that way. Strong in flavor, smell and influence - this super charged vinegar is a useful addition to your food and drink for that unique taste, or as a medicinal tincture in your happy-health toolkit. 

Enjoy our take on a long-standing herbal recipe, traditionally used by grave robbers during 17th & 18th century European plagues. It was sometimes sprayed on the hands, facecloths and beards, applied behind the ears and on the temples of robbers who sought to steal from the sick and already deceased. With all of its powerful ingredients, this tonic is a multi-faceted approach to your health; employ some of our Four Thieves today, to help you kick that cold, support your respiratory health and keep your taste buds tingling! 

Makes fantastic martinis and savory style cocktails!

Currently comes in a 1 oz. bottle/Approx. 28 doses
Suggested Dose: 1 dropper daily
**Add to water, juice, tea, smoothie or drink

Other benefits of Four Thieves may include but are not limited to:

*Anti-bacterial & Anti-viral for digestive tract
*Anti-parasitic & fights infection of all kinds
*Diaphoretic (Helps you sweat)
*Bronchial dilator
*Supports the Immune System
*Digestive Aid


Ingredients: Garlic, Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, Tumeric, Fennel, Apple Cider Vinegar