Red Clover Tonic

Red Clover Tonic

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Try out our new Red Clover BItters to add to the herbs that are taking care of your body! This super simple tonic combines the healing properties of our much loved Apple Cider Vinegar and Red Clover blossoms, wild crafted from the fields and forests of our tiny farm. Though small and seemingly fragile, this beautiful purple flower has an incredible amount of applications, making it a must-have for your herbal remedy cabinet!

It carries a certain subtle sweetness in its buds, but delivers a tang thanks to the ACV. You can employ this tonic to help strengthen your cardiovascular health, address symptoms of menopause and hot flashes, mastalgia, PMS, bronchial health and as a general digestive aid.

Great for adding delicate notes of citrus and custard to a cocktail!

Currently comes in a 1 oz. bottle/Approx. 28 doses
Suggested Dose: 1 dropper daily
**Add to water, juice, tea, smoothie or drink

Other benefits of Red Clover may include but are not limited to:

*Blood thinner - preventing clots & improving overall bloodflow
*Aiding asthma, whooping cough & bronchitis
*Reduction of breast pain
*Helping Osteoporosis 

Ingredients: Wild Crafted Red Clover, Apple Cider Vinegar